"Moreover, nicotine is addictive..."(Brown & Williamson, 1963)

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Implications Of Battelle Hippo I & II And The Grifffith Filter


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In this July, 1963 Brown & Williamson report, Addison Yeaman, General Counsel for Brown & Williamson, discusses strategies the tobacco industry can use to continue to manufacture and sell its products in the face of adverse Surgeon General's warnings and dire health claims. This document contains the famous quote:

Moreover, nicotine is addictive...We are, then, in the business of selling nicotine, an addictive drug...

Yeaman proposes the formation of a new "lavishly funded" research organization to give the appearance of concern about lung disease, cancer, etc. In the meantime, Yeaman proposes, placate the customer with newfangled designs added to the product:

We challenge those charges [that smoking causes illness] and we have assumed our obligation to determine their truth or falsity by creating the new Tobacco Research Foundation. In the mean time (we say) here is our triple, or quadruple or quintuple filter, capable of removing whatever constituent of smoke is currently suspect while delivering full flavor -- and incidentally-- a nice jolt of nicotine. And if we are the first to be able to make and sustain that claim, what price Kent?

Title: Implications Of Battelle Hippo I & II And The Grifffith Filter
Date: 19630717
File No: 1802.05
Collection: UCSF B&W
Pages: 5
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/xrc72d00

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