"Start them out young"

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This letter from the senior vice-president of an advertising agency to the Vice President of the Lorillard Tobacco Company (makers of Newport cigarettes) was used as a trial exhibit against the tobacco industry in Washington and Texas. It accompanies a photograph of a child accepting a cigarette being offered by two well-dressed adults, who look on grinning broadly. The child may be the actor who played "Ritchie" from the renowned 1960's-era American situation comedy TV series, the Dick Van Dyke Show. The text of the letter says, "There's nothing like starting them out young!"

Title: No title
Author: Kessley, NE (Lennen Newell Advertising)
Document Date: 08 Nov 1963
Length: 2 pages
Bates No. 84409798/9799
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/iim99d00