1994 Ellen Merlo speech

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1994 Ellen Merlo speech (no title)

In this untitled 1994 speech, Ellen Merlo of Philip Morris Corporate Affairs Department describes PM's corporate strategy of introducing Preemptive legislation in all 50 states to stop people from enacting public smoking policies in their own local communities. Merlo directly links PM's "Accommodation Program" to the company's strategy of enacting preemptive laws at the state level. Merlo even runs the two words together into a single phrase as she describes PM's "Accommodation/Pre-emption" strategy. Merlo also describes PM's strategy to rein in the activities of local boards of health, whose free-standing power to enact smoking regulations worried PM. She also discusses how PM presses its own sales force, employees and external employees of its subsidiaries of Kraft and Miller Beer into taking political action on PM's behalf, and how PM uses grocers and restaurant associations to help advance their corporate agenda.

Per. Author Ellen Merlo
Date 19941024/E
Type Speech, presentation; market research report
Bates 2040236685/6706
Collection Philip Morris
Pages 22
URL: http://legacy.library.ucsf.edu/tid/bbg04e00

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