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20/20 Vision "makes grassroots activism easy for busy people. We give citizens the information and tools they need to get involved on important issues like reducing air pollution from cars and power plants, keeping dangerous pesticides out of our food, limiting nuclear arms and making our country more secure. Our alerts tell you how to contact politicians and corporate officials and quickly and easily tell them you’re watching them on an urgent issue.Best of all, we engage activists through creative online and offline strategies and make it fun! 20/20 Vision promotes democracy by involving the public at critical decision points." [1]


Accessed March 2009: [1]

Directors (as of January 2007)



2020 Vision Education Fund gratefully acknowledges the financial contributions of the following foundations (in alphabetical order): [2]


In this section you will find some of the groups that 20/20 Vision works with. [3]


Web: http://www.2020vision.org

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