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ADCS, Inc. (Automated Document Conversion Systems) is the San Diego, California, IT services company founded by Brent R. Wilkes.

In October 2003, when ADCS, Inc. was "battling [Southern California] fires threatening the company's headquarters," Mitch Wagner of Security Pipeline described the company thusly:

"ADCS has about 100 staff located at its headquarters in Poway, an inland suburb just north of the city of San Diego. The company is in multiple businesses: It does document conversion and warehousing, scanning in paper documents, extracting the information from the scans and cross-referencing the information in usable form. Its biggest project was archiving 1.2 million engineering drawings for the Panama Canal in 1999. Sister companies that have been spun off from ADCS include a marketing company, Group W Media Productions, Inc.; Mirror Labs, an "independent research and testing laboratory;" a "catering company" Group W Events, Inc.; and a "transportation company" Group W Transportation, Inc. ("Wilkes' private air carrier." [1]).
"The company has locations in Panama, Hawaii, and Chantilly, Va.; the corporate headquarters hosts mail and telecom and other IT functions on 14 racks of servers, with 32 terabytes of data and 20 web sites."
"The datacenter runs on a central uninterruptible power supply system from APC, which occupies two whole racks in the company datacenter. Batteries can support the datacenter for two hours. During the crisis, the APC recorded 54 separate power fluctuations, either surges or powering down, but the APC system handled them all. The company has a natural gas powered generator in case the county electrical supply is cut off, but San Diego Gas & Electric cut off the natural gas flow soon after the power started."
"The company mirrors 4 TB of current data to its Chantilly, Va., location and a Level 3 data center in downtown San Diego, and stores three weeks of data at an Iron Mountain repository."


Contact Details

13970 Stowe Drive
Poway, CA 92064
Telephone: 858-676-9800
Note: The ADCS, Inc. "welcome" page was accessed December 6, 2005. Contact information found on One Source website.

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