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The Australia & New Zealand Banking Group Ltd (ANZ Bank) is one of Australia's "big four" banks.

Profitteering from Iraq War

ANZ is one of a number of banks to take a stake in the Trade Bank of Iraq.

Financing Logging in PNG


Connections with Rimbunan Hijau

Coal financing

In 2010, ANZ was named by the Dow Jones Sustainability Index as the most sustainable bank globally, yet Greenpeace has found that the bank is the leading financier of the coal industry and coal-fired power stations. According to Greenpeace, the bank has financed nearly $1.7 billion worth of mines, ports and power stations in the last five years. In response, ANZ released a statement to Lateline saying it recognises the ongoing "importance of coal in Australia's energy security" while Australia makes the transition to a low carbon future, and that the bank is the nation's "leading renewable energy financier" and is starting to "see a shift in our portfolio from coal to alternative sources". Greenpeace says it will draw on more than 100,000 supporters for what it calls a "big and long campaign" against ANZ.[1]

See ANZ and coal for more details.


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