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Wallace Hayes (universally known as Wally Hayes) was a toxicologist who became the Group Director for Research & Development at RJ Reynolds Tobacco in the 1980s. He would also have been in charge of the company's food division after the Nabisco take-over.

His full name was Andrew Wallace Hayes and his position was listed as Vice President Biochemical/Biobehavioral R&D. It also says that A. W. Hayes was Director of Biological Research in 1987. and the Vice President of Biochemical/Biobehavioral Research & Development at RJ Reynolds in 1990. [1]




Documents & Timeline

1984 Sep The Saccharin Technical Committee of the ILSI is to consider a research proposal submitted by Samuel Cohen. This is ccd to the committee which includes


1986 Mar 12 Memo to Wally Hayes and Paul Bruns at Nabisco. Wally is RJR Corporate Toxicologist and he holds the corporate membership of the Toxicology Forum and Society of Toxicology.

The memo reports that Bruce Ames, (creator of the quick bacterial Ames test for gross toxicity) who worked with and for the tobacco industry, has begun promoting the idea that chemical pesticides are no more dangerous than the natural pesticides in plants. The antioxidant claims to protect from cancer is also being promoted. [4]
1986 July 19 Francis Roe's Report on a Toxicology Forum meeting at Aspen July 13-18. He is reporting to Philip Morris on the EPA's interest in radon -- as an alternative cause of lung cancer. This became a useful 'alternative' to the tobacco hypothesis for the lung cancer epidemic. [5]]

[Roe was a long-term paid tobacco science adviser and lobbyist from the UK. This is from Philip Morris files.]

1986 Dec 15 Dr Wally Hayes represents RJ Reynolds on the Toxicology Forum program committee. [6]

[Note: the Toxicology Forum was run as a subsidiary of the International Life Sciences Institute (controlled by Coca Cola, Nestle, etc) via shared administration of Alex Malaspina (who did backdoor deals with the tobacco industry and worked with the chemical and food processing industries). It was a corporate-controlled alternative to the Toxicology Society. However it is difficult to know how much science corruption was involved because both good and bad toxicologists were in the groups.]

1989 Sep 27 Hayes was a key member of the Tobacco Institute's 'core constituency' of disinformation executives and lawyers who receive carbon copies of confidential information about the Tobacco Institute's corrupt activities.

This key document is a briefing by James W Johnston, Chairman of the Executive Committee, Tobacco Institute, about their propaganda and science-corruption operations. [See the cc list on last page.] [7]


1990 Nov 5 Deputy Legal Counsel to Philip Morris, Fred Newman, was both an internal counsel and the brother of Larry (actually 'Lloyd L Newman) who controlled external scientific research. They jointly ran a firm on the side know as Newman Partners Ltd. (NPL) This was also called "the Newman Firm" in some tobacco documents, and it became used for science PR advice by Philip Moris.

See Tom Osdene diary on page 20 which notes that he talked over with Charlie Green a number of matters including:



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