Abbas Salih

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Abbas Salih, Chairman of the Board and Director of Strategic Internet Investments Inc. (SIII), "joined the board of directors of Arab Group International for Investment and Acquisitions (AGIIA) during 1992 and was instrumental in arranging the acquisition of the controlling share interest in The Ohio & Southwestern Energy Company." [1]


"Salih is a graduate of the Khartoum Technical Institute in the Sudan. He received his formal training while serving as a member of the Sudan Royal Air Force which included attendance at the British Royal Air Force Academy, Newton No. 9 in Nottingham, England, where he studied aircraft electronics and instrumentation.

"After his British training, Mr. Salih received further aviation training in Kyrgyzstan, Southern Russia, as a guest of the Russian Air Force where he studied and maintained MIG-21 jet aircraft.

"Mr. Salih has conducted business in Europe and the Middle East, most extensively in Germany and the Sudan, prior to taking residence Canada in 1994. Mr. Salih and several associates formed Regions International Investment Company Limited (RIICO) in 1989, the largest trucking company in the Sudan with a fleet of 125 tanker/cargo transport vehicles. As a Director of RIICO Mr. Salih was instrumental in securing a $20 million financing for the company's initial capital requirements," according to his SIII biography.