Absolutely good versus absolutely evil

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The concept of thought control called a "demand for purity" divides the world into absolutely good versus absolutely evil, as well as pure versus impure, us versus them, and so forth. It demands that "Everything contributing to the state of 'impurity/evil/them' must be searched out and eliminated." It is said that this also "creates [an] environment of guilt and shame."[1][2]

In the October 29, 2001, article "Mind Control in the New Kind of War", Jan Baughman writes

In response to the 9-11 attacks, an expert on cults and mind control, Steven Hassan, warned of the danger of jumping to evil conclusions. In his statement he explains the indoctrination that can lead an individual to join a cult, or to become a suicide bomber. Part of the cult mentality is that people see things in terms of black and white. Everything gets reduced to extremes: belief of 'good versus evil' and 'us versus them.' Cult members are indoctrinated to exercise strict blind obedience to the charismatic figure atop the pyramid structure of their group. They are in a form of trance. Basically it's mind control.' Hassan described the cult-like nature of the attackers, but what about the behavior of the rest of us?

Examples of words and phrases

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Recent examples of words and phrases demonstrating this concept come from the numerous speeches made by President George W. Bush and members of the Bush administration regarding the motives and motivation of terrorists and the war on terrorism allegedly connected to not only the events of September 11, 2001, but also to subsequent activities. These examples include the repetition -- an incessant litany -- of the following words and phrases:

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