Academy Amusement Corporation and "Snow White"

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In this document, an attorney writes to the owner of a theater in the Boston area on behalf of a couple who took their two young children, ages two and four, to a showing of "Snow White." An ad prior to the movie exhorted moviegoers to purchase KOOL cigarettes:

"The commercial contained some suggestive materials and exhorted to children in the audience to 'do their own thing.'...Further, we have been advised by people in the motion pictgure industry, that the manufacturers of 'Kool' cigarettes pay a certain price for each person who views their advertisements in a theater. We question whether you have informed your advertisers that the majority of the audience to which you have directed their ad are minors."

Title Academy Amusement Corporation, DBS Eddy's Theaters, DBS Academy Twin Theater, 792 Beacon Street, Newton Center, Massachusetts
Author P.H. Sutton
Date 19830722 (July 22, 1983)
Type Letter ; Correspondence
Bates 680400015/0019
Collection Brown & Williamson
Pages 5

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