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Adolph Coors Co. was the foundation of the Coors family fortune which was utilised by the most religious and political of the brothers, Joseph Coors, , patriarch of the Coors brewing family, to fund a number of think tanks and also the Presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan through his Sagebrush Rebellion and Wise Use movement. Coors provided the funds and Paul Weyrich, Edwin Feulner and Jack Wilson created the organisations:

* Coors and Weyrich's first think-tank was Analysis and Research Inc., founded in 1971 (it failed to gain traction).

Many more foundations and think-tanks were funded by Coors through Paul Weyrich who appears to have carte-blance to spend Coors money on any project likely to disadvantage the Democrats and boost corporate profits.

After Reagan's win in 1981 Coors also gained the right to nominate the top executives at the Environmental Protection Agency. He seems to have had a direct input in the hiring of:

  • James Watt as Secretary of the Interior, (forced to resign)
  • Anne Gorsuch as Administrator of the EPA (forced to resign)
  • Rita Lavelle one of the EPA's deputies Admin. Solid Wastes and Emergenices -- dealing with the Superfund (fired and jailed for perjury)
  • John Todhunter, EPA's Administrator for Pesticides and Toxic Substances (later fired)
  • James W Sanderson, (Colorado lobbyist) -(failed to be confimed as Ass. Admin. for Policy and Resource Management).

The Adolph Coors Company was a holding company owned by the heirs of founder Adolph Coors since 1873. The Coors Brewing Company created by his grandson, William K Coors, was much later and served as the Adolph Coors Co.'s principal subsidiary. William Coors' brothers were Adolph Coors III (1916-60) and Joseph Coors Sr. (1917-2003).

See also Jack Wilson, (an aide of Joseph Coors)