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Advocacy Center at ISC

"In October 2006, the Advocacy Institute merged with the Institute for Sustainable Communities to form the Advocacy Center at ISC. The Center brings two decades of groundbreaking work from both organizations under one roof, with a mission of helping ordinary people influence the key institutions and decisions that shape their lives—and a deep-seated belief that societies thrive only when their nonprofit sectors are strong and autonomous.

"The Center offers training to emerging leaders and established nonprofits around the world and in the United States. Rather than prescribing issues to be addressed, we give citizens and nonprofits the tools, skills, and funding they need to improve their communities." [1]

"Since our founding in 1991 by former Vermont Governor Madeleine M. Kunin, we have managed 60 international projects in 17 countries with support from individual donors, private and corporate foundations, and the U.S. Government." [2]


2003 Advocacy Institute Directors

2003 Annual Report] (pdf 31 MB)


Around 1994 the Advocacy Institute was a tobacco control agency based in Washington, D.C. and run by Michael Pertschuk. Lawyers for the American Tobacco Company filed a subpoena circa March 1994 for access to the membership list of a computer network used by the Advocacy Institute. The Instiute sought to quash the subpoena.(Wall Street Journal, 3/30/94).


2003 Annual Report] (pdf 31 MB)


Include Partners for Democratic Change (see above ref)


In 2003 the Advocacy Institute noted that it was "honored to be a part of a broad community of professionals working for social justice" which included:

2003 Annual Report] (pdf 31 MB)



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