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WARNING! Sewage sludge is toxic. Food should not be grown in "biosolids." Join the Food Rights Network.

Agresource, Inc. is a company that provides services related to sewage sludge, focusing particularly on land application of sewage sludge.[1] The company provides staff and equipment for composting facilities, compost and soil screening services, compost marketing services, and consulting services. Like most companies in the sewage industry, Agresource refers to sludge as biosolids, a made-up term designed to rebrand sludge as beneficial and safe. On its site, Agresource says:

"Utilization of organic residuals on crop and pastureland is a cost effective approach for the recycling of valuable nutrients.
"Land application provides nutrients and organic matter necessary to rebuild depleted soils and boost crop yields at virtually no cost to the farmer. This program thus enables small family farms to continue to keep land productive and maintain farmland as productive open space.
"Agresource has developed a network of farm cooperators who have suitable cropland for Beneficial Use programs. Farmers participate in various ways ranging from spreading materials using their own equipment or simply making fields available for application by trained operators employed by Agresource."

Compost Products

Agresource, Inc. markets a sewage sludge based "compost" called Agresoil, and made from the sludge of a number of New England cities. They also produce "All Natural" Agresoil compost that contains no sewage sludge.[2]

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