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Biographical Information

"As secretary-general of the African Society, Zamalek, Cairo and member of the board of directors of Cairo University's Institute of African Studies, Haggag is a veteran Africanist. He was recently invited to join the council of the prestigious South African-based Institute for Security Studies (ISS).

"Ambassador Ahmed Haggag has acted as special envoy of President Hosni Mubarak at numerous important African forums. He was Mubarak's special envoy at the Darfur peace talks and more recently the president's special envoy at the International Forum for Democracy and Development. Serendipity played a part in both of these assignments, like on the numerous other occasions when he was dispatched by the president. However, his long and varied professional experience and his unobtrusive manner were the deciding factors. He is a man who works best behind the scenes, quietly networking.

"Backed up by unusual insight and perspicuity and above all drive, Haggag is resolute about inculcating a respect for human rights among the enforcers of power and authority -- the judiciary, the police force and the security apparatus. He has made the best use he could of his wide political contacts. He sees himself as a bridge between the state and civil society. However, human rights groups, local and international, have stepped up their criticism of Egypt's human rights record. This year has witnessed a crescendo of attacks...

"As special envoy of President Mubarak, Haggag is keen on enhancing the role of civil society in spreading awareness of human rights in Egypt and throughout Africa and the Arab world.

"Mubarak, Haggag extrapolated further, alluded to the attempt two decades ago to form a forum of African socialist parties, the African Socialist, modelled on the Socialist International.

"Ambassador Haggag is also especially impressed with non- governmental figures that have adopted the cause. A case in point -- Egyptian UN goodwill ambassadors such as well-known actors and pop stars Adel Imam, Hussein Fahmi and Youssra. He specifically mentioned Youssra in sensitising the public in general and the police in particular in cases of rape and the sexual harassment of women, where the victim is often criminalised..." [1]

  • National Coordinator, BENAA

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