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Alan Duncan is the Conservative MP for Rutland and Meltonis[1] and said to be one of the wealthiest MPs in the British House of Commons. He has extensive interests in the oil industry. Although according to the Public Whip he has voted very strongly for laws to stop climate change.[2]

A former president of the Oxford Union and Kennedy Scholar at Harvard , Duncan's first career was in the oil industry. After an initial period with Shell, he spent over ten years as an oil trader with Marc Rich & Co, and has extensive experience both in the energy sector and with the oil-producing countries of the world.

He is regarded as the Conservative Party's most informed pundit on the politics of the Middle East and is a regular traveller to the region.[3]

Duncan lost his job on the Shadow Cabinet due to the expenses scandal, when he was repoorted to have made remarks that MPs were living on 'rations'. [4]

He is the owner of Harcourt Consultants and is paid £35 000 per year by Arawak Energy, an exploration company with interests in Russia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.[5]

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