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Alan J Gross was a statistician who worked for the tobacco industry while maintaining a position at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Documents & Timeline

1990 Oct 11 (The Tobacco Institute's ETS Group in Action)
The Interstate Commerce Commission (ICC) is holding hearings on the banning of smoking on interstate buses. These are the scientific submission funded by the Tobacco Institute using the ETS Group listings of Philip Morris.

"Critical comments were filed by:"

[Every one of the above was a life-long tobacco shill.] [2]

1992 Feb 12 In-house lawyer, Mary Ward, of RJ Reynolds has written to the ETS Executive Committee. Covington & Burling's (C&B) staff lawyer, Melinda Sidak, has provided the companies with an outline of the ASHRAE activities and they are trying to load up the IAQ standards committees with their lobbyists.

(Max) Layard, (Maurice) LeVois, (Alan J) Gross, and possibly (Philip) Witorsch will apply for membership [3]

[ASHRAE = the American Society of Heating Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Engineers -- which effectively set worldwide standard -- and was therefore a primary target for tobacco influence.]

1994 Aug RJ Reynolds has obtained a large number of scientific C/Vs and all at the one time, and each has a comment/criticsm on an OSHA proposed rule making. They were obtained and filed together (see progression of codes)