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Albemarle Corporation is a Louisiana-based chemical company, formerly based in Richmond, Va. with sales of approximately $2 billion per year. (Its acronym for the New York Stock Exchange is ALB).

It's products are primarily polymer additives, catalysts and fine chemicals which are sold to the electronics, refining, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, petrochemicals, construction, automotive and packaging industries. [1]


Albebarle Paper Co. purchased Ethyl Corp. from Standard Oil of NJ (Exxon) and General Motors in 1962.[1] Ethyl's primary produced was tetraethyl lead for Leaded Gasoline. With the phase-out of leaded gasoline for public health reasons, in 1994, Ethyl spun off its chemical business to create an independent, publicly traded company named Albemarle Corporation. (In 2004, Ethyl Corp. changed its name to New Market Corporation.

Political contributions

The Open Secrets database lists Albemarle as having contributed $75,000 in the 2000 election cycle and $50,000 in the 1998 election cycle to the Republican Party. [2] It made no contributions in the 2000 cycle.

The company also has the Albermarle Corporation Political Action Committee. According to the Open Secrets database in:

  • the 2002 election spent $10,319 (15% to Democrats, 85% to Republicans); [3]
  • 2004 election spent $28,000 (22% to Democrats, 78% to Republicans) [4]
  • for the 2006 election has so far(as of June 30) spent only $1,000 to Republic Senate candidate Rick Santorum

Albermarle lobbyists and issues lists Albermarle's registered staff lobbyist as being:

The company's two registered external lobbying firms are:


Flame Retardants

From the company's website under "Fire Safety Solutions:"[2]


Senior management

Board of Directors

Contact details

Albemarle Corporation
330 South Fourth Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219
Phone: 804-788-6096
Fax: 804-788-5104

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