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"It is important to stress that the voices who contributed to the event were diverse, and in many ways Kersey’s call for a broad range of ‘traditionalists’ was epitomised by the British-based far right ideologue Alex Kurtagić. His activism largely takes the form of artistic expression, and his output includes a novel, Mister, published in 2009, alongside several albums, original artwork for covers for books published by the Arktos publishing house, and a range of essays in extremist publications such as Alternative Right, which he also used to co-edit. As such, Kurtagić epitomises the intellectualised, transnational trends within this milieu, and has contributed to an array of edited books, and most recently an article in the counter-cultural journal Radix. This special edition of Radix is titled ‘The Great Erasure’, and its contributors argue that ‘white’ culture used to dominate the world, but now is decimated by ‘black and brown’, who are the new colonisers destroying ‘white’ traditions." [1]

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