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Alexander Gritsinin "is an advisor to The Global Environmental Governance Project. He brings to the GEG Project over 15 years of international experience in high profile organizations and research institutions, including The Nature Conservancy, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), UNESCO, Coca-Cola, Uzbekistan National Center for Research in Oncology, and Yale University.

Alexander brings first-hand experience in operations and industrial environmental management, quality assurance and corporate social responsibility. He helped establish and lead operations of four Coca-Cola manufacturing facilities in Uzbekistan, designed and supervised their centralized Quality Assurance and Environmental Management Department, coordinated supply chain management, and advised the Board of Directors on necessary changes aiming at improvements in operations, product and service quality, health and safety, and corporate social and environmental responsibility. Throughout his career, Alexander dealt directly with almost every aspect of water resources management and governance from water quality and wastewater treatment to regulatory reforms of the water sector on multiple scales, and from the interrelation of ethics and water governance in African landlocked least developed countries to freshwater ecosystems conservation in Latin America and Central Asia.

Alexander holds Master’s Degrees in Biophysics and Ecology from Uzbekistan National University and in Environmental Management and Policy from Yale University. He is fluent in Russian and English."[1]

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