Allan D. Laird

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Allan D. Laird is Vice-President of Engineering and Business Development and a Director of Falcon Oil & Gas Ltd.


Prior to joining Falcon, "Laird was Executive Vice President of Ledge Resources, a private oil and gas company in Calgary." He has "extensive international experience and is an expert in unconventional gas reservoirs." Laird previously worked with Marc A. Bruner "at Ultra Petroleum on the Basin Centered Gas Accumulation (BCGA) project in the Green River Basin of Wyoming." Laird is "the former President and Director of Gemini Energy Corp. (TSX:GNI) and was also the President and a Director of Rapid Technology Corp." He "graduated from Queen’s University with a B.Sc. in Mining Engineering in 1980 and is a Registered Professional Engineer in the Province of Alberta." [1]

Allan is also a director of Digital Ecosystems.