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"Allegis Group is the largest privately held staffing company in the United States and serves a wide variety of industries. Our team includes more than 8,000 internal employees and 90,000 contract employees working with customers around the world." [1]

Public Subsidies

A 2014 report by Good Jobs First found that Allegis Group had received at least 11 taxpayer subsidies totaling $1.1 million. That figure is based on available databases and public records requests made by Good Jobs First, and may be a conservative estimate.[2]

On the issue of subsidizing low-wage employers, the report notes,

"When a state or local government subsidizes a Wal-Mart store or an warehouse, it is doing the most to intensify economic inequality by enriching individuals at the very top of the income hierarchy while also perpetuating poor quality jobs at the bottom."[2]



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