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Alliance for a Clean Waterfront is a project of the Earth Island Institute. According to its website, the Alliance is a coalition of twenty-three "environmental and community organizations that first joined forces in 1997 to address the impacts of accelerated development along San Francisco’s shoreline. ... The Alliance’s mission is promote the protection and sustainability of San Francisco's water resources by advocating for: Reduction of sewage overflows and polluted stormwater runoff; Implementation of sound wastewater treatment alternatives; Increased water recycling and conservation; Diversion of stormwater flows for beneficial uses; Cleanup of contaminated soil, groundwater, water bodies and waterways; Prevention of soil and water pollution; Environmental justice; and, the Preservation and restoration of aquatic and wetland wildlife habitat and other environmental restoration." [1]

Alex Lantsberg, co-chair of the steering committee, is also the chair of the SFPUC CAC Wastewater Subcommittee, a formal Citizens Advisory Committee of the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. Steering committee member Jennifer Clary is also a member of the SFPUC CAC Wastewater Subcommittee [2]

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From the ACW Website [3]

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