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"Amberwaves, a network of concerned citizens, families, farms, and small businesses, was launched this spring to help preserve brown rice, whole wheat, and other essential foods from the threat of genetic engineering and to promote the health of society and preserve the environment. It is a division of Planetary Health, Inc., a federally approved nonprofit (501) (c) (3) organization...

"The Amberwaves Action Committee consists of about 75 natural foods teachers and cooks, including Lino and Jane Stanchich, Denny Waxman, Martha Cottrell, M.D., Merdith McCarty, Heike Albers, Evan Root, Christina and Bob Pirello, Mina Dobic, and Jean Richardson. We have received the enthusiastic support of Lundberg Family Farms (largest producer of organic rice in the United States), Southern Brown Rice, Eden Foods, Whole Foods Market, and other natural foods companies.

"Over the last few months, several thousand people have signed our Save Organic Rice Petition which will be presented to policy makers, agricultural organizations, the food industry, environmental agencies, the United Nations, and other bodies. We have also begun publishing and brought out our first book, Saving Organic Rice, featuring articles by Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Mae-Wan Ho, Amory and Hunter Lovins, Paul Hawken, and other prominent scientists and environmentalists. We also published the first issue of the quarterly Amberwaves Journal featuring articles by Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, sponsor of the Genetically Engineered Food Right to Know Act in Congress, and other authors and educators. In the summer of 2001, we sponsored the first Amberfest Concert on July 4.

"There is currently no paid staff, and all work has been on a volunteer basis. " [1]


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