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Amcor Limited is "one of the world's largest packaging companies" having "annual sales of around AUD$11.0 billion and 217 plants in 34 countries." [1]

According to a 1993 Amcor Annual Report, former managing director of Amcor, Don McFarlane has been chairman of the Australian Manufacturing Council Industry and the Environment Committee and has also been president of the National Association of Forest Industries. [2]

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Executive Committee



Accessed March 2008: [1]

Retired Directors


Senior Management

  • Ken MacKenzie - Managing Director & CEO
  • Eric Bloom - Chief Executive Officer, Amcor Sunclipse North America
  • Billy Chan - Managing Director, Amcor Asia
  • Peter Day - Executive General Manager Finance
  • Ron Delia - Executive General Manager, Operations Development
  • Lou Lachal - Managing Director, Amcor Australasia
  • Bill Long - President & CEO Amcor PET Packaging
  • John Murray - Executive General Manager, Corporate Affairs
  • Steve Keogh - Executive General Manager Human Resources
  • Ian Wilson - Strategic Development Director
  • Gerard Blatrix - Managing Director, Amcor Flexibles Food
  • Peter Brues - President, Amcor Flexibles Healthcare
  • Jerzy Czubak - Managing Director, Amcor Rentsch & Amcor Flexibles Eastern Europe


Amcor's Top Twenty Shareholders in 2006


Australia branch

"In Australia, the group manages Amcor's packaging paper mills and recycling activities. The group operates 70 manufacturing plants and holds a significant market share in this region." The Australian Managing Director is Lou Lachal. [3]

The A Team

"The real story of the Amcor A-team is revealed in its own files - a voluminous set of records that was never supposed to see the light of day. The files were meant to have been destroyed when the A-team was disbanded in 2001. Instead they were kept, and recently made available to Four Corners. What they reveal is an elaborate covert campaign to spy on and sabotage environmental groups, to infiltrate political parties, and to damage Amcor's corporate competitors."

"The files also document the A-team's penetration of the Victorian ALP, and its effective takeover of the party's forest policy."

"The A-team infiltrated all the major green groups, including the Wilderness Society and the Australian Conservation Foundation. And their tactics grew more sophisticated with time. According to Derek Amos's summary, A-team members were "trained in the art of intelligence to spy and gain information for the benefit of the company and to discredit the environmental groups in the eyes of the government." They were also trained in electronic technology, to delete and/or change computer information."

"The A-team enlisted the help of a key ally in its attack on Environment Victoria. Barry Cunningham, the federal Labor MP for McMillan in Gippsland, was a staunch supporter of the timber industry, whom the A-team had helped to get elected." [4]

According to a 1996 REPORT OF PANEL HEARING ON APPLICATION BY AMCOR PLANTATIONS PTY LTD presented by Australian Paper Watch:

"The 'A' Team was represented at the hearing by Mr Derek Amos, an independent consultant for Amcor and AFME Union assisted by Mr John Campbell and Chris Moody, member and coordinator of the 'A' Team respectively and Mr Gary Blackwood, a third generation logging contractor. The 'A' Team is a body formed in the 1980s to coordinate and work on areas of mutual interest between Amcor, its employees and the Union. It consists of forestry and forest products industry employees 'working to preserve both jobs and the environment'." [9]


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