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America's Truth Forum (ATF), dating from December 2005, formerly called the People's Truth Forum (PTF), which dated from April 2005, was founded by Jeff Epstein. (See web domain information below.)

In a December 18, 2005 post at Think-Israel, Epstein wrote that the ATF is "a group of non-partisan, non-political concerned citizens committed to bringing the truth about the threat of radical Islam to the American people. The government won't do it. The media won't do it. That leaves us." Epstein made a call for donations to support an upcoming symposium, saying "If we fail, the Islamofascists win a crucial battle in the War on Terror..."

Epstein formerly served as public relations director for Vietnam Vets for the Truth, the anti-John Kerry group which emerged for the 2004 presidential election.


The contents of the America's Truth Forum website mirrors that of the People's Truth Forum website. The ATF and PTF mission statements are identical. The ATF states that it "operates in association with Basics Project, a non-partisan, non-profit" 501c3.

According to a July 31, 2005, interview with PTF's founder Jeff Epstein, the People's Truth Forum "is a non-partisan, fact-based organization whose mission is to educate the American people on controversial topics of national security." Epstein said that PTF's "primary objective is to disseminate critical information that is not readily available, via conventional channels, to concerned citizens" and that it will "always deal in facts" and its "sources are always credible."

Web Domains

The PEOPLESTRUTHFORUM.COM domain name was registered April 20, 2005, to Jeff Epstein (Email fsalvato AT, also listed as administrative, billing, and technical contact, according to WHOIS.

The AMERICASTRUTHFORUM.COM domain name was registered December 6, 2005, to Tucows Inc. [1] and is hosted by ValueWeb by Infinity Internet, Inc. [2]. No further information is provided by WHOIS.

ATF Upcoming Events

"Understanding the Origins & Threat of Islamist Terrorism. A Symposium: Second in a Nationwide Series", November 10-11, 2006, in Las Vegas, Nevada. [3]


In July 2005, People's Truth Forum was featured in conservative blogs over the issue of CBS refusing to run paid advertisements for PTF's "Anti-Terror Conference". [4]


Contact Information

America's Truth Forum
PO Box 802
Glastonbury, CT 06033
Phone: 866 709-3474
Email: staff AT

The People's Truth Forum
PO Box 331
Colchester, CT 06415
Phone: 860 537-0211
Email: info AT

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