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The American College of Toxicology was a division of the International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) and it is closely related to the Toxicology Forum and the Society of Toxicology, all of which are run by the same executives out of the same Washington DC headquarters.

The College appears to be a legitimate training arm of the ILSI -- which itself is a major lobbyist for the food, chemical and drug companies. The ILSI and its associated entities are difficult to characterise because they obviously have legitimate scientific members, run legitimate scientific programs and training, but also provide cover for extensive global lobbying operations run on behalf of the funding industries.

International Life Sciences Institute
Toxicology Forum
Society of Toxicology
ILSI & Tox.Forum (Doc Index)
Nutrition Foundation and ILSI-NF
ILSI Risk Sciences Institute
Society for Risk Analysis
American College of Toxicology
Health & Environmental Science Institute
Center for Excellence in Toxicology
Alex Malaspina

Documents & Timeline

1979 Foundation

1990 Nov 1 Robert L Super of RJR Scientific Affairs Division has just attended the College's11th annual meeting in Orlando Florida. He was not impressed. [2]

1998 June A list of the courses available through the American College of Toxicology.[3]

2007 Aug 9 Chris Coggin, the ex-inhouse inhalation toxicologist for both RJ Reynolds and Lorillard is now working through the Carson Watts Consulting firm. He appears to have something to do with the American College of Toxicology, and this note comes from the Philip Morris files

They are being circumspect about their email exchange.??

Note that the list of references were all published in the International Journal of Toxicology. [4]