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The American Committee on Jerusalem was co-founded by Dr. Ziad J. Asali. Asali served as ACJ Chairman from 1995-2003.[1]

The American Committee on Jerusalem is now the American Task Force on Palestine. All information formerly located at the Web Site has been deleted and only the "forward" link is active (02/02/04).

Mission Statement (cache file)

"The American Committee on Jerusalem (ACJ) was founded to develop and promote educational activities and materials focused on Jerusalem, its heritage, and its future. Such activities in the past have generally been one-sided, offering the views exclusively of the Israeli government, and pro- Israeli groups in the United States. The ACJ will present an Arab-American consensus position on Jerusalem in clear and unambiguous terms, to provide the American public and policy-makers with a balanced view-point on the issues involved."

News Releases (cache file), Resources (cache file), and News Archives October 2000 to September 2003 (cache file)

"The organizational founders and representatives of the ACJ, are a testament to the unprecedented and wide-ranging commitment of Arab-Americans and Arab-American organizations to the issue of Jerusalem. The committee consists of the Presidents of the ADC/ NAAA, The Jerusalem Fund, and Institute of Palestine Studies, as well as prominent Arab-Americans in the United States."[2]

Board of Directors (cache file)

  • Executive Board
  • Executive Director: Raafat Dajani
  • National Advisory Board

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