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"Jacqueline Kittrell, a public-interest attorney, and Clifford T. Honicker, an investigative researcher, co-founded the American Environmental Health Studies Project (AEHSP) in 1996. It is registered as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation.

"AEHSP grew directly out of Cliff and Jackie's work under the Radiation Research Project, an unincorporated project of the Institute for Southern Studies...

"Previously classified documents from the Manhatten project (which Cliff had helped unearth) which indicated a great deal of concern about the toxicity of fluoride. The papers also revealed the Manhatten Project’s interest in, and involvement with, the U.S. water fluoridation program and in particular the fluoridation trial in Newburgh-Kingston, New York. Cliff’s discovery of these papers led to the award-winning (PROJECT CENSORED) article “Fluoride, Teeth, and the Atomic Bomb” (Waste Not, 1997) by investigative journalists Joel Griffiths and Chris Bryson, and later, Chris Bryson’s book The Fluoride Deception (Seven Stories, May 2004).

"Cliff’s work on the Oak Ridge incinerator, and the Manhatten Project fluoride documents, brought together two of the major strands of Paul's scientific activism career: waste management and fluoridation. Cliff and Paul's further collaboration added significantly to both areas...

"In 2004, AEHSP’s board approved the incorporation of Fluoride Action Network (FAN) as one of AEHSP’s official projects. FAN’s work in educating the public on the toxicity of fluoride compounds, has proved a major contribution to AEHSP’s mission on empowering citizens and educating decision makers on issues that have the potential to harm human health or the environment. FAN’s work has also helped bring to fruition AEHSP’s research on fluoride toxicity issues related to the Atomic Bomb program..." [1]



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