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This article is part of the Center for Media & Democracy's spotlight on front groups and corporate spin.

The American Forest Resource Alliance is a front group and lobbying arm of the timber and logging industry.


American Forest Resource Alliance is a coalition of 350 timber corporations formed by the National Forest Products Association to oppose "Option 9" - a plan to designate habitat in the Pacific Northwest for the endangered northern spotted owl.[1]

Mark Rey

Mark Rey, undersecretary for natural resources and environment at the Department of Agriculture under the Bush administration, was the Executive Director of the organization from 1989 to 1992[1]. In an Environment News Service article, Matthew Koehler of the Native Forest Network in Missoula is quoted as saying, "...While the Bush Administration carefully greenwashes its anti-environmental image, Mark Rey and his friends in the logging, mining, oil and gas and motorized recreation industry are poised to exploit our national forests."[2] While at AFRA, Rey "publicly promoted the idea that the Endangered Species Act unfairly restricts business and authored a 1991 "secret" proposal circulated to the first Bush Administration calling for logging quotas in these ancient forests."[1]

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