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The American Pakistan Foundation "is a call to action for the Pakistani American community and friends of Pakistan in the US to make a significant impact on the social and economic development necessary for securing a stable and prosperous future for the Pakistani people.

"At the July 2009 Conference on Diaspora for Development, The ppWorld Bank[[ reported that diasporas of developing countries can be a potent force for development for their countries of origin through remittances and philanthropy, as well as through the promotion of trade, investments, knowledge and technology transfers.

"According to an October 2009 statement by the State Bank of Pakistan, a surge in remittances from the Pakistani diaspora over the last few months is playing an important role in stabilizing the Pakistani economy. The current quarter’s inflow of remittances are estimated at $498.76 million from the US and a total of $9 Billion in remittances from all Pakistanis living abroad is expected for the current year and this number is expected to grow next year.

"Based on a study of philanthropic giving by the Pakistani diaspora in the US (commissioned by the Pakistan Center for Philanthropy and funded by Rockefeller Foundation) published by Harvard University Press in 2007, the Pakistani-American community gives at a level that is above the national average: estimated at $1 Billion annually, including money, goods and time. This study further reported that a low donor trust in philanthropic institutions and nonprofits in Pakistan is a significant factor in giving practices that prioritize direct gifts to the needy rather than giving through institutions.

"Based on these findings, the American Pakistan Foundation will be a focused effort on developing a secure and transparent channel to mobilize greater public and private resources from the Pakistani diaspora and friends of Pakistan in the U.S. to expand the most credible and effective programs dedicated to Pakistan’s social and economic development." [1]


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