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Ammar Abdulhamid is the son of Muna Wassef.[1]

"Ammar Abdulhamid also heads the Tharwa Project, a program designed to shed some light on the aspirations and concerns of the religious and ethnic groups in the Middle East and to help improve relations between majority and minority groups. The project has recently metamorphosed into the Tharwa Foundation with a ring of activists scattered around the region, and a headquarters scheduled to open in Washington DC." [2]
"In 2001, Ammar met and married Khawla Yusuf (born on September 26, 1968), a Syrian fashion designer and activist with her own rather complicated experience with life and religiousness. They currently live in Damascus with their two teenage children: Mouhannad (1990) and Ola (1986)." [3]
In August 2005 he talked at a conference titled Solidarity Twenty-Five Years On: Lessons in the Struggle for Freedom which was "Cosponsored by Freedom House, the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the International Republican Institute, the Lech Walesa Institute, the National Democratic Institute, the National Endowment for Democracy, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty". [4]




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