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Biographical Information

"Ana Cortez has been participating with Spirit Vine Center since 2008. She has also worked with ayahuasca in the Shipibo tranditions as well as done ceremonial work with the Huichol indians.

"In her facilitation at Spirit Vine, Ana draws from a diverse background including 13 years in the Gurdjieff Foundation, training with Dr. Eric Pearl (founder of Reconnective Healing), her studies of the "Magical Passes" (or Tensegrity) with the direct lineage of Carlos Castenada, and her 30 plus years of innovation with Divinatory Science in collaboration with her Father, Oracle Artist C.J. Freeman.

"Ana has a regular podcast, online Workshop, 2 published books, and does Oracle Readings, Spiritual Counseling, and Energy Healing. Her website is"[1]


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