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Anabel Cruz "is the Founder Director of ICD (Communication and Development Institute), a research centre and NGO support organisation in Uruguay. Anabel has a long history in working to strengthen citizen participation in Uruguay and all over the world. She has conducted extensive research into the role of civil society, particularly non-governmental organisations (NGO), in building democracy and citizenship and their participation in development processes in the Latin American post-dictatorship era. She has collaborated in research work aimed at generating adequate social indicators and in the impact evaluation of development projects in the Americas and elsewhere.

"She has advised Consumers International and other international networks on implementing and evaluating development, information and communication projects, as well as United Nation specialised agencies and European cooperation agencies. Annabel Cruz is a member of ISTR (International Society for Third Sector Research), founder of the National Association of NGOs in Uruguay and the International Foundation El Taller. She is currently a board member of PTF, the Partnership Transparency Fund." [1]

Currently a director of CIVICUS.

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