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"Andy is a leading researcher into unexplained mysteries and is the author of the acclaimed The Truth Agenda, which explores the link between paranormal phenomena, global cover-ups and prophecies for our times. His many other books include Vital Signs, described widely as the definitive guide to the crop circle phenomenon, and also Conspiracies, his newest title. Andy is founder of Changing Times, which holds events on mysteries and truth issues, and he also runs Vital Signs Publishing. Andy extensively writes and lectures in Britain and around the world, and has made numerous radio and TV appearances. A speaker at the Symposium since 1994, Andy’s Glastonbury presentations are renowned. He became co-MC for the event in 1999, a role he continues to this day."[1]

"Andy's fullest investigation into the mystery realms, The Truth Agenda: Making Sense of Unexplained Mysteries, Global Cover-Ups and Visions for a New Era, was first published in 2009, revised and updated in 2011, and is now available as a 2013 updated and expanded edition. The book has been a hit in both ‘fringe’ and mainstream circles, and was adopted as a sociology textbook at Canada's Vancouver Island University. His latest book, Conspiracies: The Facts - The Theories - The Evidence was published by Watkins Publishing in the UK, USA and Australia in 2013. Other global editions, including Chinese and Czech, are due in 2014.

"Andy is author of seven other books exploring the unexplained, including the highly praised Vital Signs: A Complete Guide to the Crop Circle Mystery, which has been described by many as the definitive guide to the circle controversy and was nominated for Kindred Spirit magazine's 2002 Best Book award. Andy is also author of four books on Sussex history.

"Andy has written for many journals and magazines, including Kindred Spirit and New Dawn, and he regularly contributes to the popular alternative journal Nexus Magazine. Andy is the founder of Vital Signs Publishing, which in 2005 produced Geoff Stray's celebrated and influential book Beyond 2012: Catastrophe or Ecstasy (which Andy edited), exploring the many prophecies, ancient and modern, predicted for these years following the end of 2012." [1]

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