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Anisa Mehdi "is an Emmy award-winning journalist specializing in religion, the arts, and people. For over 20 years she has reported, written, directed and produced television news and documentary programs for major American media outlets, including National Geographic, PBS, ABC News, and CBS. Her commentaries are heard on NPR’s award-winning newscast “All Things Considered.” She writes perspective pieces for newspapers, magazines and Internet sites. Anisa lectures worldwide on Islam and the media. She is Adjunct Professor of Communication at Seton Hall University and teaches at and is a trustee of the Esalen Institute in Big Sur, California.

"Ms. Mehdi is producer/director of "Inside Mecca," the National Geographic Special that premiered on PBS, October 22, 2003. "Inside Mecca " also played to audiences worldwide on the National Geographic Channels International. She led several teams of photojournalists covering the Hajj pilgrimage in February 2003, focusing on the journeys of three individuals: from the USA , Malaysia and South Africa.

"In 2002, Ms. Mehdi was producer/director for ABC News "Nightline UpClose: Jack Shaheen," a program examining stereotypes of Arabs and Muslims in the American entertainment media, air date October 10, 2002. Ms. Mehdi also produced "Muslim Voices," a four-program series of profiles of international perspectives for ABC News "Nightline," which aired earlier in 2002.

"She was executive producer with Alvin Perlmutter of the two-hour PBS FRONTLINE special "Muslims," nationwide premiere May 9, 2002 ( ). The film explores the cultural and political diversity of Muslims worldwide, through the lives of individuals in Iran, Egypt, Turkey, Malaysia, Nigeria and the United States. The documentary and its ensuing outreach campaign, "The Islam Project," ( ) are expanding and challenging Americans' understanding of Islam and Muslims. "Muslims" won a CINE Golden Eagle Award and the "Gold Camera Award" at the US International Film and Video Festival. "Muslims" was produced by The Independent Production Fund for FRONTLINE.

"In addition to television documentaries, Ms. Mehdi is reporting a radio series called "Living Islam," to be broadcast on National Public Radio. She features American Muslims under the age of 30. "Living Islam" is produced by Independent Broadcasting Associates ( )...

"Anisa Mehdi is an avid flutist who volunteers with the Livingston Symphony Orchestra and performs chamber and "Broadway" music with other professionals.She is a member of the Board of Trustees of the Esalen Institute ( in Big Sur, California, and of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison( ). She also serves on the Board of Directors of Music for All Seasons ( ), and on the Board of Trustees of The Fraentzel Foundation, in Maplewood , NJ." [1]

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