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In 2008 she became the Chief Executive of the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Anna joined the Trust in 1993 and before her appointment as Chief Executive was the Director of Resources. [1]

According to a news article from 2008 "in a mentoring scheme co-ordinated by Praesta Partners. Currently 30 FTSE-100 chairmen and chief executives are mentoring 33 women from the "marzipan layer", just below the board, in the FTSE 100 Cross-Company Mentoring Scheme.

"Anna Dugdale was delighted to learn that she had been selected for the mentoring scheme, with James Smith, chairman of Shell UK, as her mentor. "I couldn't quite believe that I'd been offered the extraordinary privilege of being mentored by one of the captains of British industry."

"Dugdale, acting chief executive at the Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, is a chartered accountant who gained extensive professional experience in a diverse range of private-sector businesses before joining the public sector when she married and moved to Norfolk." [1]

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