Anthony G. Oettinger

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Anthony G. Oettinger is "Gordon McKay Professor of Applied Mathematics and Professor of Information Resources Policy, Faculty of Arts and Sciences [at the John F. Kennedy School of Government]. He is Chairman of the Program on Information Resources Policy. He chairs the Board of Visitors of the Joint Military Intelligence College and he chairs the Director of Central Intelligence's Advanced Technology Panel. He belongs to the Council on Foreign Relations and is a Trustee of the Charles Babbage Foundation. In the White House, he was a consultant to the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board (1981-90), the National Security Council (1975-81), and the Office of Science and Technology (1961-73). He chaired the Massachusetts Cable Commission (1975-79), being part of it from its inception in 1972. He founded the Computer Science and Engineering Board of the National Academy of Sciences and chaired it from 1967-73. Oettinger has also been on the Research Advisory Board of the Committee for Economic Development (1975-79), and a consultant to Arthur D. Little, Inc. (1956-80)."[1]