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"Shortly after the end of the 1967 war, a group of distinguished politicians, journalists, academics and others with an interest in the Arab World gathered on the terrace of the House of Commons. Their aim was to address the lack of a clear voice in British politics that valued relations with the Arab world and was prepared to stand up for Arab and Palestinian rights. Caabu was born.

"This was no easy task. Members of Parliament, such as Ian Gilmour, David Watkins, and Sir Dennis Walters, were continuously harassed and barracked in the House of Commons for daring to speak out about Palestinian rights. Today, owing to the courage of their predecessors and Caabu’s hard work countering the Israel lobby, things have drastically changed. However, although many politicians from different parties frequently stand up for such rights, British foreign policy frequently fails to uphold them." [1]  

Executive Committee

Accessed May 2013: [2]  



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