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According to the Center's web site, "The Ariel Center for Policy Research (ACPR) was established in 1997 as a non-profit, non-partisan organization, committed to stimulating and informing the national and international debates concerning all aspects of security policy - notably those policies which are an outcome of the political process started in Oslo and subsequently called the Peace Process.

"Peace is a noble challenge and there is no other nation in the world which needs peace more than Israel. However, a true peace can only be obtained in the Middle East if Israeli security and national interests are safeguarded. A peace which will force Israel to its pre-1967 borders, i.e. losing those territorial assets critically needed for the very existence of the Jewish State will not be but a recipe for war.

"The ACPR has taken upon itself to help crystallize a strategic design for the State of Israel. This will be presented to the policy-makers and general public by various means. Among them, research and policy papers, forums of experts, video and film productions, an internet site, publishing house and a major journal of strategic thought."


The ACPR web site contains a section regarding two appearances "on the Hill" by ACPR, both in 1997 for Congressman Jim Saxon and Congressman Bill McCollum, as well as a section entitled "Isreal's Friends", which consists of three speeches made by Thomas D. DeLay (R-Tx), House Majority Leader.

Researchers / Contributing Experts

"Presently, the ACPR does not employ a regular group of researchers, but rather orders specific research projects and policy papers from a pool of internationally renowned experts on the Middle East and related strategic affairs."

Contributing Experts for ACPR include:

Board of Directors

Advisory Council

Chairman, Special Projects

  • Yoram Ettinger


  • Arieh Stav


"Through publication of Nativ, the Executive Board and the Editorial Board of the Ariel Center for Policy Research (ACPR) seek to establish a journal of incisive discussion on all cultural and political questions concerning the Jewish state and the Jewish people."


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