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"Arktos has established itself as the principal publisher in English of the writings of the European “New Right” school of political thought (including original translations of works by its luminaries Alain de Benoist, Guillaume Faye and Pierre Krebs). We have also issued the first translations into English of the prominent Russian geopolitical thinker Alexander Dugin, who has served as an adviser to Vladimir Putin, as well as several works by the noted Italian traditionalist philosopher, Julius Evola. Our books have garnered praise from across the political spectrum, from the pages of The American Conservative to AdBusters. In April 2013, the noted paleoconservative magazine The American Conservative ran a praiseful review of our collection of essays by Prof. Paul Gottfried, one of the principal paleoconservative thinkers, entitled War and Democracy. Likewise, excerpts from our book by the Finnish radical ecologist, Pentti Linkola’s Can Life Prevail?, were included in issue 95 of the famed countercultural magazine AdBusters, which was published in May/June 2011, simultaneously with its first calls for what became the Occupy Wall Street movement. Arktos has also begun publishing works by members of the growing identitarian youth movement that has just recently arisen and begun flourishing throughout Europe." [1]

"Arktos originally began operations in India in 2010 when a Swedish businessman named Daniel Friberg absorbed a “traditionalist” publishing house run by American editor-in-chief John B. Morgan. Both lived in India for the first years of the company’s existence. In early 2014, both Friberg and Morgan moved to Budapest to continue to expand Arktos from within the European continent. (Morgan has since left Arktos and now works for Counter-Currents, a white-nationalist publishing house and website also partially based in Budapest.) Friberg, whose vision is central to Arktos, sees its mission as changing “metapolitics,” a term appropriated from 20th-century Marxist intellectual Antonio Gramsci. In Friberg’s book The Real Right Returns, he argues that multiculturalism and liberal human rights—what he calls “cultural Marxism”—have been the dominant culture since the fall of Nazism, and outlines how transforming this culture space is necessary for political and social change... In Budapest, Arktos is surrounded by alt-righters who have made the trek to the increasingly illiberal Hungary. Michael Polignano, co-founder of Counter-Currents, moved to Budapest in 2016, and joined the nationalist scene...Even Washington-based Breitbart is now rumored to be opening a Hungarian office in the near future, after acquiring the domain name From their vantage, the possibilities of cross-border exchange look promising. In flocking to Budapest, these nationalist internationals are creating a sanctuary from which to broadcast anti-globalism across the globe." [1]

Arktos birthed itself from Integral Tradition Publishing... ITP was founded in December 2006 by myself and some friends with the intention of becoming the pre-eminent publisher and distributor of traditionalist and radical/anti-modernist literature." [2]



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