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Armed Females of America (AFA) boasts on its website that it comprises "pro-gun women on full auto".

Citing the need to preserve the Second Amendment - interpreted by it as guaranteeing citizens rights to "bear arms" - it states on the AFA web site that it "has taken a NO-COMPROMISE position by calling for the repeal of ALL gun laws back to and including the National Firearms Act of 1934. AFA is serious about restoring our Rights as originally intended by our Founding Documents." [1] [test edit] While the website sports graphics of high-velocity bullets on the sidebar, AFA is unapologetic about the strident tone of its advocacy. "Why does your message seem so strident?," it rhetorically asks in its list of 'frequently asked questions'.

"To some, our message may sound extreme. If you listen to the rhetoric of the anti's, more often than not, they are far more strident. Our position at AFA is, any persons, or groups that publicly (or privately) call for the destruction of any part of our Bill of Rights are the REAL extremists!," it states. [2]


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Armed Females of America, L.L.C.
2702 East University
Suite 103 PMB 213
Mesa, AZ 85213
Phone: 480 924-8202

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