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Arthur D. Little, Inc. was a scientific consulting company that replicated Wynder's mouse-painting study.


Arthur D. Little, Inc. (ADL) was a Cambridge, Massachusetts consulting company that was hired by Liggett in 1955 to see if it could replicate Dr.Ernst L. Wynder's 1953 mouse-painting studies with Liggett's brands. Even though the tests did replicate the Wynder results, ADL did not report the results for another seven years. When ADL did finally report the results, it did not identify Liggett or the tested brands, according to Dr. Jeffrey Harris.(Jenkins, p. 192)

A 1961 memo from Arthur D. Little acknowledges cancer-causing elements in cigarette tobacco. (Judge H.L. Sarokin, Haine's opinion 2/6/92; Hainess P. Ex. G(1)). A 1961 Arthur D. Little Inc. report on mouse skin experiments for L&M began: "There are biologically active materials present in cigarette tobacco. There are (a) cancer causing, (b) cancer promoting, (c) poisonous, (d) stimulating, pleasurable, and flavorful." (Allmann complaint p. 57).

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