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The Asia Pacific Journalism Centre (APJC) is a not-for-profit organisation, created in May 2003

According to their website: "The APJC helps journalists share professional skills and insights in a changing world. It manages the delivery of:

  • "Professional development programs for journalists in countries with little independent press tradition.
  • "Exchanges and visits to promote international knowledge and awareness.
  • "Innovation seminars on international, technological and other change affecting news media work.

"Based in Melbourne, the APJC works with like-minded international organisations committed to strengthening the capacity of news media to produce robust, independent and informed journalism. This common goal recognises that effective journalism is closely linked to good governance, respect for human rights and international understanding." [1]

Supporters in 2003


  • John Wallace - Program director:
  • Alexandra Kennedy - Program officer/ administrative support
  • Instructors and program support: The centre employs instructors and other support personnel to mount particular programs as needs arise.


  • Jack Waterford - Editor-in-Chief, The Canberra Times
  • John Henningham - Director, Jschool: Journalism Education and Training, Brisbane
  • John Wallace - Interim program director and public officer, APJC, Melbourne
  • The board is in the process of appointing an international advisory panel.



Asia Pacific Journalism Centre
90 Amess Street
Carlton North
Victoria 3054
Tel: +61(03) 9387 9740
Fax: +61(03) 9387 9750
Email: inquiries AT