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The Asia Pacific Tobacco Research Conference (APTRC) was probably the last of the WhiteCoat organisations to be created by the tobacco industry. It was established by Philip Morris Asia out of Hong Kong, but under the control of the Swiss Science & Technology group, headed in this case by Roger A Walk with Edward Sanders and Ruth Dempsey.

The organisation was by Mingda Zhang in the Hong Kong office in the period 2001-2002.

Documents & Timeline

2002 Feb 4 Roger A Walk to Mingda Zhang (re Korean contact) Headed APTRC [2]

2002 Apr 10... 2003 Dec 29 APTRC Rules and concept document. Primarily to organise conferences -- pretending to be independent. [3]

WhiteCoats Orgs.
IAPAG   (Nth America)
ARIA   (UK & Europe)
EGIL   (Scandanavia)
EMIES (E Med/N.Africa)
ARTIST   (S.E. Asia)
APTRC   (East Asia)
APAIAQ (Asia-Pacific)

2002 Apr 10 Mingda Zhang. Worldwide Scientific Affairs, PM Asia Ltd in Hong Kong is contacting Roger A Walk, and Edward Sanders, Ruth Dempsey at PM Switzerland.

The organisation's first conferernce "Cigarette Smoke-Related Oxidative Stress and Inflammation and Their Prevention, is to be held in Seoul Koreal, Dec 6-7 2002 -- now part of their "harm reduction efforts" - with possible supported from other tobacco companies. [4] .