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"The Astrological Lodge of London is the foremost learning institution for the study of astrology in all its cultural, astronomical and historical use in divination. Astrologers throughout the world come to us to learn and discuss the workings of the celestial universe. Founded in 1915 by Alan Leo for the study of astrology, the Astrological Lodge of London is an educational charity since 1987."[1]

"The lines between the Lodge and the Institute were never clearly drawn, but the Institute was almost completely collapsed by 1919, although it floundered for a little while longer. With the support of the Theosophical Society, the Lodge was destined to be the most successful of the many societies that Leo established.

"After Alan Leo’s death in 1917, Bessie’s preference for lecturing on theosophy alienated members and attendance waned. The Lodge went into decline until and needed a new lease of life. Charles Ernest Owen Carter, a young barrister recently discharged from the army, had been present at the meeting that founded the Lodge. He was elected President on 23 January 1922. From that point, the Lodge became more distinctly astrological in emphasis."


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