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According to its website, Atos Origin "designs, builds and operates IT-enabled solutions for large multi-national clients in carefully targeted industry sectors." [1] The company dropped the "Origin" suffix of its name in July 2011 after completing its acquisition of the Siemens unit, becoming simply Atos. wiki

Atos Origin is a key player in the biometric technology business. It was involved in a six month trial of biometric technology for the UK Passport Service, launched in April 2004. According to Laura Rohde of IDG News Service, Atos was "responsible for the delivery and installation of the equipment and software for the trial". [2] According to the UK Passport Service, the trial was run "in partnership with the Home Office Identity Card Unit and the DVLA" [3].

Atos Origin is a 'private sector member' of The Whitehall & Industry Group (WIG), a body which describes itself as bringing "senior people together to improve understanding and co-operation between the public and private sectors" [4] [5]. In late 2004, WIG coordinated the recruitment of a 'Head of Marketing' for the UK National Identity Cards Scheme, the introduction of which is being managed by the aforementioned Home Office Identity Card Unit. [6].

They work with the Biomimicry for Creative Innovation to learn how to be more responsible to the Earth.


Accessed February 2014: [1]


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Contact details

Atos Origin is headquartered at [7]:

Tour les Miroirs - Bat C
18, avenue d'Alsace
92926 Paris La Défense 3 Cedex
Tel: + 33 1 55 91 20 00
Fax: + 33 1 55 91 20 05

Atos Origin International B.V.
Polarisavenue 97
2132 JH Hoofddorp
The Netherlands
Tel: +31 23 566 7000
Fax: +31 23 566 7100

Email: more-info AT

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