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The electricity retail company Aurora Energy Pty Ltd (not to be confused with the U.S.-based Aurora Energy LLC) is a Tasmanian Government-owned electricity distribution and retail company. Aurora Energy formed in July 1998 by the dis-aggregation of the Hydro Electric Commission in Tasmania, Australia, on 1 July 1998. This resulted in the division of the formerly government owned department into three companies: Hydro Tasmania, which generates the power, Transend Networks, which transmits it across the state, and Aurora Energy, the retail arm, which sells and distributes it to customers. This was in anticipation of Tasmania joining the National Electricity Market, which opened up the market to competitors.[citation needed]

The bulk of electricity for Tasmanian operations are met through its Hydro-Electric Corporation, trading as Hydro Tasmania, which generates electricity from hydro, gas, and wind farm sources. Tasmania’s supply was supplemented by net import over Basslink of 2300GWh of electricity from interstate generators. There are also some small privately-owned generation units which are connected directly to the distribution network, including municipal gas plants at Hobart and Glenorchy. Electricity for the growing interstate operations is hedged with a range of Government and privately-owned mainland generators and banks. Further diversification of energy purchasing by Aurora will occur on completion of the Tamar Valley gas station.[1]

In late 2005 Aurora began trialling Aurora Pay As You Go, pre-paid electricity to selected areas of Adelaide. This system involved the Payguard meter, known as a smart meter. The official launch of the product, due to the success of the trial, went ahead in May 2007 making Aurora Energy the first electricity retailer to offer the pre-payment option in South Australia. This coincided with the 10 year birthday celebration of Aurora Pay As You Go in the State of Tasmania.[citation needed]

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Aurora Energy Pty Ltd
GPO Box 191
Hobart Tasmania, 7001
Phone: 1300 132 007

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