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The Australian Adam Smith Club is a discussion group, founded in 1983 "to promote and explore the further understanding of the principles and works of Adam Smith and like minded thinkers".[1] It meets five or six times a year.


The club states that "members of the club take an uncompromising stand in the support of:

  • private property
  • freedom of contract
  • freedom from coercion by others
  • freedom of trade and enterprise in the market, both domestically and internationally
  • freedom of the individual within the framework of minimal government activity
  • freedom of movement of capital and labour throughout the world".[1]


The group was founded by a group of Libertarian and neo-liberal thinkers in 1983.[2]. The Centre for Independent Studies was encouraging discussion groups in each state - by 1985 the only survivor was the Melbourne branch which became independent.

The Australian Adam Smith Club primarily operates as a networking point for the neo-liberal and libertarian supporters with an emphasis on organising events for speakers. It has hosted speakers with links to organizations such as the Institute of Public Affairs, the HR Nicholls Society, the Centre for Independent Studies, some from the right-wing faction of the Liberal Party and very rarely a Labor Party figure. Speakers span those who are climate change skeptics, promoter of deregulation and pro-business policies.


Speakers at Adam Smith Club events have included:


The current Committee as described in the Club Prospectus

  • Michael Warby - formerly of the IPA
  • Mannie Gross
  • Dr Michael James - formerly editor of 'Policy' at the CIS
  • David Sharp
  • Regina Bron
  • Tim Warner - of the Access Card No Way Campaign
  • Tom Bostock
  • Jeff Babb

Contact Information

PO Box 950,
Hawthorn 3122

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