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The Australian Davos Connection (now known as ADC) is an Australian not-for-profit organisation founded in 1996, “which brings together leaders from business, government, the public sector, academia and the broader community to improve their understanding of key issues affecting Australia.” (There website notes that they are a “non-political” organisation).

They were initially founded to “(a) promote the World Economic Forum (WEF) within Australia; (b) promote Australia’s interest within the broader WEF community; and (c) share the richness of ideas within the WEF community to a wider Australian audience.”

ADC runs a “range of high-level events” which includes:

The Australian Leadership Retreat, convened annually on Hayman Island, this “invitation only” two day event brings together Federal Cabinet Ministers, State Premiers and Senior Ministers, Chief Executives from the top 100 companies in Australia, senior government officials, leading academics and other community leaders to discuss the key issues affecting the nation. The retreat also features a number of international participants and speakers, including members of the World Economic Forum Management Board.
The Future Summit, an annual two day event which brings together established and emerging leaders to discuss Australia’s critical challenges and identify actions for a better future.” [1]



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