Australian Environment Foundation's Inaugural Conference 2006

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The Australian Environment Foundation convened its first inaugural conference (in its own name) in Brisbane on September 23 2006.

Scheduled speakers and the titles of their presentations are:

  • Don Burke, AEF Chairman "Riding Change in a Populated World"
  • Professor Mike Archer, Dean Science, University of New South Wales "The Revolution We Must Have"
  • Dr Walter Starck, "Marine Resources and The Growing Cost of Precaution"
  • Bob Brinsmeads, Founder Tropical Fruit World "Mother Nature Doesn’t Always Know Best"
  • Tom Quirk "Uranium Birth to Death"
  • Professor Peter Kanowski "Saving Australia’s Forests" (Panel)
  • Jill Lewis, Executive Director, Timber Communities Australia "Saving Australia’s Forests" (Panel)
  • Mark Poynter, Media Liaison Officer, Institute of Foresters (Vic) "Saving Australia’s Forests" (Panel)
  • Professor Suri Ratnapala, TC Beirne School of Law, University of Queensland, "Environmentalism versus Constitutionalism"
  • Dr Jennifer Marohasy, Senior Fellow IPA - "Why Australia Needs the Australian Environment Foundation"
  • Michael Duffy - "Cash for Crises: The Greens-Media Business Partnership"